About North American Spring Tool

North American Spring Tool (NAST) is now Spring Tool Solutions (STS). STS was formed when NAST and the SMSC (Spring Manufacturers Supply Company) merged on August 25th 2023. Both Connecticut companies had been in business for more than 40 years before they joined to become STS.

Prior to the merger, NAST was known for providing high quality special tooling for foreign and domestic spring coiling machines, regardless of the machines’ age. SMSC was noted for its technical ability to quickly reverse engineer complex legacy tools for spring coiling machines. STS brings these talents together to provide spring manufacturers with a single, comprehensive spring tooling resource.

The company provides a complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry, including special tooling, engineering assistance, reverse engineering, salvage, and rework. STS also provides arbors, guides, coiling tools, quills, and much more.

To learn more go to the STS website.