Aerospace Manufacturers Partner to Create a One-Stop Resource for Prime Customers

When outsourcing parts, many Prime Customers are looking for the one–stop solution. We’ve found that many Aerospace manufacturers are challenged by this for a couple reasons: 1) they don’t have enough internal talent to get the work done; or 2) they don’t have the equipment to make all of the parts on an order. Without the manpower and equipment to get the jobs done, many Aerospace manufacturers looking to provide a one-source solution aren’t able to meet that demand.

Another challenge many of these Aerospace manufacturers are facing, in the effort to provide a one-stop resource, is a change in their product offering. For example: they may have been providing small or medium quantity part runs to a particular Prime Customer for years, however due to market demand they have moved into the manufacture of larger quantity or different sized parts.

The challenge comes when the Prime Customer is looking to place an order for 100 to 1,000 parts, which the supplier now specializes in, but it’s in conjunction with a request for the 10 to 100 parts they can no longer make efficiently. In order to provide a one-stop solution, the smaller quantity part often needs to be outsourced. This supplier needs to partner with a company who thrives on these small quantity complex parts.

Since this challenge is not exclusive to the Aerospace industry, Sirois Tool has been partnering successfully with both Aerospace and other manufacturers to be their source for small quantity complex parts.

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