Are Your Suppliers Planning for the Future?

In a perfect world, manufacturers would only have to find their ideal suppliers once. As the manufacturer’s products and needs change, their suppliers would quickly make the necessary adjustments to satisfy them. But all too often, those carefully chosen suppliers can’t or won’t meet their changing needs, and the manufacturer is forced to look elsewhere.

While changing suppliers can sometimes be advantageous, there are always associated costs. The most obvious is the time it takes to find and evaluate new suppliers. Then there’s contract negotiations, new tooling, etc. For these reasons, it’s best to choose suppliers that can quickly adapt to your changing needs.

At Sirois Tool, one of our greatest strengths is our adaptability. This is driven by our customers’ needs and our intrinsic motivation to continuously improve our business and processes. On that note, we have several initiatives underway this year.

We kicked off the new year by choosing Global Shop Solutions (GSS) as our new ERP system. In its 2023 Overview of Top 20 ERP Software Solutions, cites GSS as ideal for manufacturing companies like ours. Our own research confirmed that GSS is a software platform that should help streamline our business and reduce costs. We especially like that it’s a privately-held U.S. company, which aligns with our goal of supporting American companies whenever possible. We plan to launch this new ERP system over the summer.

We also recently contracted with EBITDA Growth Systems (EGS). Based in Colorado, EGS promises to help increase the efficiency of our operations, and double the value of our company within three years. They have a proven track record of success, and we’re looking forward to tapping into their expertise throughout the year. If you’re curious about the company, a podcast on their website summarizes what they do.

We are continuing to invest in new equipment, too. This spring we expect to take delivery of a new CNC grinder, which will supplement the 30 grinders we already have in our shop.

We’ve launched these initiatives because we know that being a good supplier means more than just meeting our customers’ needs today. We must be well-positioned to grow with them, and be able to quickly adapt to their changing requirements.

When choosing a supplier, we recommend looking beyond what they can do today, and taking a close look at what they’re doing to prepare for tomorrow. If you’re looking for a new provider for tooling, prototypes, assembly, etc., take a hard look at Sirois Tool. If we’re able to meet your needs today, it’s very likely we’ll be meeting (or exceeding) them well into the future.

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