Difficult Machine Parts Made Easy: The Advantages of Outsourcing

Leave it to Aristotle to provide an insight that rings true today for OEM Machine Manufacturers: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” However, the Greek philosopher’s pithy observation holds true only if the parts are precisely made – as any machine maker will tell you.

Locating critical parts that are neither off the shelf nor easily produced can be a challenge for OEM Machine Manufacturers. Whether you are making one machine or 100, sourcing complex parts and assemblies efficiently is essential, especially when deadlines are tight and the margin for error is narrow.

If you are like most Machine Manufacturers, your expertise is in designing and assembling machines, not making their component parts. If you outsource to a smaller shop, chances are they often have limited capability and lack the equipment needed to perform every operation to produce precision parts. And even when in-house resources are available, such production is most likely outside your organization’s core competency. It also may not be the best solution for quality control and your bottom line.

Outsourcing the manufacture of these critical parts to the right external specialist allows you to:

1. Reduce your overhead. There’s no need to hire and maintain highly skilled staff for parts production. Your machine parts supplier can deliver on time and often at a price that is lower than you would incur in-house.

2. Stay focused on your business. Everyone in your organization can concentrate on your design and assembly processes, as well as the customers you serve.

3. Ensure quality parts and timely delivery. Your machine parts supplier has many competitors and knows the only way to keep your business is with consistent parts quality, excellent service, and attractive pricing.

4. Reduce capital equipment and maintenance expense. By outsourcing to an expert parts supplier, you eliminate the need to invest in additional capital equipment as well as the associated maintenance and repair costs.

Sirois Tool is a custom parts resource for OEM Machine Manufacturers. We can produce complex precision parts and assemblies, especially prototypes and small volume orders of 1 to 1,000 pieces. We offer a complete supply program and can ship your parts on your schedule and direct to your point of assembly. We can also drop ship parts directly to your customer, repair center, or distributor.

At Sirois, Tool we specialize in difficult parts.

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