Does Your Company Manufacture Any of the Following Parts?

  • Screw machined parts
  • High precision CNC turned parts
  • Swiss screw machined parts

Are you concerned with checking “Gage-Line Dimensions” in or on these parts?

If your answer to these questions is yes, Dow-Gages can be configured to quickly and accurately check length or depth dimensions from a surface feature to a gage diameter (datum diameter) in or on a conical taper.

You will typically find these “Gage Line Dimensions” in hydraulic fittings, domestic plumbing components, diesel injector components, small motor flywheels and shafts, valves and pumps, automotive transmission, steering and brake components and firearms chambers.

The first step in customizing a Dow-Gage to check a “gage-line dimension” involves reproducing that “gage-line dimension” in a part replicating Setting Master. A Special Stage Set (body and pin assembly) is designed to receive the customer’s part. We then install the custom­ built special tooling into the Model 10 Dow-Gage base or the “hand held” Tacomp Stub equipped with a suitable dial indicator. The gage is then set to “0with the master. Your newly customized to-use comparator gage is capable of checking several hundred parts per hour for in-process or post-process inspection.

For all customized Dow-Gage products, our engineering department works closely with our skilled gage-makers to give you accurate, repeatable and reproducible measurements of your precision-machined parts. Send us a part drawing, highlighting the dimension you wish to check, and we will respond with our suggestions.

For sixty-nine years, Dow-Gages have withstood the test of time, delivering consistent quality and reliability to customers throughout The United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom and China.

We welcome the opportunity to work with your company.

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