Sirois Tool Companies – Response to Covid-19

Sirois Tool Co., Inc, along with its Dow Gage and North American Spring Tool Divisions, is continuing to manage and operate all of our business operations, in compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Our Priorities are:

  1. Providing a safe working environment for our Employees; keeping them, and their families, safe and healthy; and helping them in any way possible if they are affected by this virus.
  2. Continuing to supply our Customers, especially our Military and Medical Customers, with the tools, gages, parts and assemblies they need to continue their critical operations.
  3. Operating in a manner that supports our Community, including our local, state and federal governments, and our supply chain.

Our Management Team, including our HR/Safety Manager, has been and will continue to:

  1. Communicate with our employees about COVID-19 awareness and prevention.
  2. Have our facilities cleaned daily by our professional cleaning staff.
    Allow those employees who can to work remotely.
  3. Limit internal meetings and maintain social distancing during any necessary meetings.
  4. Restrict all visits to our facility to only those necessary for continuing operations.
  5. Cancel all business travel by our employees.
  6. Monitor all government and customer guidelines and adjust our actions as necessary.

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