Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Sirois Tool continues to upgrade and add to our equipment for improved accuracy and efficiency, enabling us to serve our customers better.

We’ve worked on six upgrades and additions in the past few months. Our custom tooling and gage equipment improvements include the following:

We replaced our oldest Okamoto 12” x 24” Surface Grinder with the latest model Okamoto ACC-1224DX 12” x 24” Precision Surface Grinder. These are the workhorse machines in our well-equipped Surface Grinding Department.

We added another Okamoto PRG-6DX Precision Rotary Surface Grinder to the identical one that we purchased last year. These Okamoto Rotary Surface Grinders both have Ø24” Chucks. We also have a Heald 261 Rotary Surface Grinder with an Ø18” Chuck.

We are in the process of installing a Jones & Shipman Ultramat easy CNC O.D. Grinder. This is a lightly used machine that fits our CNC O.D. Grinding needs very well. Once this machine is up and running, we will be able to CNC Grind parts up to Ø14 x 26” long.

We have also purchased a TruTech TT-5000 5″ Ultra-Precision Grinding unit. This unit will be semi-permanently mounted on one of our Surface Grinders. This will give us the capability to Centerless OD Grind small quantity parts and parts with multiple steps.

We replaced one of our five ProtoTrak mills with a new ProtoTRAK SX3P Bed Mill with the latest ProtoTRAK SMX control. This machine will allow us to hold closer tolerances and the newest control software will allow us to create programs for more complex parts.

We added another new TRAK TRL SX1845 Lathe to our three other TRAK lathes. This new Lathe has the latest ProtoTRAK SLX control. The ProtoTRAK SLX control provides advanced programming capabilities and advance tool path graphics to shorten programming time and to visually check the programs before cutting chips.  It also has enhanced file management so programs can be easily saved and recalled on repeat orders to ensure consistency from one order to the next.

For a complete list of our equipment and capabilities, please go to Give us a call at (860) 828-5327 for a quote on your project, or to learn more about how Sirois Tool can help you with your custom tooling and gage requirements.

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