Improving Quality Control to Better Serve our Customers’ Requirements

Zeiss Contura, powered by CALYPSO, is the accurate, flexible solution we needed.

Working with customers across a variety of industries, from Aerospace to Firearms, the one common necessity is accuracy. In an effort to continue providing service beyond our customers’ requirements, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our own processes. One such improvement was the investment in a CMM (coordinate measuring machine).

When sourcing a CMM, our top priority was to find a flexible system that offered reliable and repeatable measurement along with scanning capabilities for different products. We selected the Zeiss Contura CMM because of its outstanding capacity to adapt to a variety of applications, along with the added measurement and scanning technology provided by its CALYPSO CAD-based measuring software. CALYPSO can import STEP customer models of products, so we are able to provide accurate inspection data right from the model.

This CMM allows us to automate inspection processes while speeding up throughput on more complex inspections. Its fixed passive sensor also allows for single-point measurements of features. Zeiss CALYPSO software enables us to perform almost any measuring task. Additionally, CALYPSO’s planner package allows offline programming and inspection simulation to be performed, which saves time and helps to avoid costly CMM crashes.

Another side benefit to using this CMM for inspection is that we are able to import the data collected directly to IM Pro, our inspection management software. The IM Pro facilitates the collection of measurement results from the CMM, enabling retrieval of the measurement data in real time. This not only saves us time, but it also improves the accuracy of the inspection reports.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology is a leader in CNC coordinate measuring machines and complete solutions for multidimensional metrology both in the lab and in production. We’re proud to align with Zeiss for our industrial metrology needs, and we are confident that their products will provide us with dependable, accurate inspections for many years to come.

Sirois Tool continues to add equipment capabilities and capacities, and even more importantly, train all employees, especially apprentices and others new to the Industry. This enables Sirois Tool to keep up with customer requirements for tooling, gages and precision machine parts and assemblies.

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