At Sirois Tool, we offer a wide range of build capabilities, whether you need standard parts or customized engineering.

Our capabilities include milling, grinding, WEDM, EDM, CNC, turning, and honing.


Sirois Tool has over 50 years of experience manufacturing precision tooling, fixtures, and gages for the aerospace industry.

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We offer precision tooling made from a variety of materials, including carbide, designed to help you efficiently produce bearings of the highest possible quality.

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We’ve worked with firearms manufacturers for over 75 years , so we understand this industry’s strict requirements and we know how to meet (or exceed) them.

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Machine Parts and Assemblies

Sirois Tool provides you with a fully integrated machined parts production service so you can conserve your valuable resources while maximizing productivity.

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Medical Device

Providing high-performing precision tooling and gages to help you grow and stay competitive with innovative product development and new technologies.

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Military Parts and Assemblies

ISO9001:2015 certified by TUV NORD, ITAR registered with the United States Department of State, and United States/Canada Joint Certification Approved for Military Critical Technical Data – parts and assemblies you can depend on

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