Lunchtime Challenge Comes to a Close, but Support for Local Business Continues

As of June 17th, Connecticut restaurants are able to begin the process of reopening, hosting guests primarily for outside dining. With that development, we have wrapped up our participation in the Local Lunchtime Challenge, and we’re happy that our restaurant partners are now able to start getting back to normal business.

This challenge has been a great experience. It has given us the opportunity to support our community while at the same time showing our appreciation to our employees. We would like to thank Chris Edge, the Town of Berlin Economic Development Coordinator, for picking up this idea and promoting to other businesses in town. This has been a great partnership with our town, and we look forward to similar projects in the future.

We’d also like to thank Tom Matulaniec of TOMZ Corp for immediately accepting the challenge and promoting it to others. Although you don’t always hear about it, manufacturers are always willing to help out in a time of need—so we thought it was especially important to share this great challenge to our fellow manufacturers so they could join us in participating.

Although the Lunchtime Challenge has come to an end, we will continue to support our local restaurants. It’s important to note that, although they are open, they are only allowed a much smaller capacity—so they need members of the community to step up and keep them busy. The lockdown has been tough on small businesses like restaurants. It’s going to take a while for them to recover the lost revenue, so we’ll continue to patronize them.

At Sirois Tool, we are proud of the role we play in supporting our local community. We’ve recognized that it’s important to our long-term success and to the morale of our employees, so we’ve made community outreach a part of our business plan. We encourage all businesses to do the same. In addition to supporting worthwhile causes, it helps keep you top-of-mind among potential customers and it attracts good employees who value contribution. It’s just good business!