New CNC Grinder Gives Customers Top Results

A new CNC Surface Grinder is installed and running in our custom tooling and gage department. The Amada MS-V3 grinds steel and carbide parts with greater accuracy and efficiency, saving time while eliminating further finishing operations.

The top-performing Amada utilizes a wheel library as well as “macro” programming for ease of operation. The top applications engineer from Amada conducted all the employee training and setup for the new grinder, ensuring quick and dependable turnaround time for customer orders.

State-of-the art equipment is a key component to consistent and high quality results in precision tooling and gages. Sirois Tool’s newest equipment technology includes holding closer tolerances, programming for more complex parts, and grinding for small quantity parts and parts with multiple steps.

Sirois Tool’s recent equipment upgrades and additions continue to enhance our custom tooling and gage capabilities, giving our customers the most advanced operations available. For a complete list of our equipment and capabilities, please go to our Capabilities List, or give us a call at (860) 828-5327 for a quote on your project.

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