New CNC Grinder Speeds Production, Increases Capacity

Sirois Tool has just added a new Supertec Grinder to its already extensive lineup of grinding equipment.

“This new grinder will reduce cycle time while increasing our grinding capacity,” Sirois Tool President Andre Nadeau said.

The EGM-350 Dual Spindle Grinder allows multiple grinding operations, such as internal, external, end-face, groove, radius, internal & external step, and taper grinding to be performed in a single chucking.

On some parts “This will allow us to take five steps and reduce them to one, all while maintaining or improving accuracy,” Nadeau said. The Supertec’s Servo driven spindle provides optimal torque performance while delivering spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

The EGM-350 model weighs approximately 13,000 lbs. It’s designed to hold workpieces up to 11.8” long and can grind inner and outer diameters up to 15.7”. The machine incorporates roller type linear guide ways for X, Y, and Z axes for high dynamic rigidity and better loading capacity, which significantly increases grinding accuracy.

“Adding the Supertec aligns with our practice of continually streamlining our operations to provide more  value to our customers,” Nadeau said.

The Supertec grinder purchase follows Sirois’ addition of a new Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine less than a year ago.