New Education Funding Available to Students and Unemployed in City of Bristol.

The manufacturers and employers in Bristol will see a second round of graduates join their ranks thanks to the collaboration between the city’s many organizations. So far there have been twenty-two graduates, with fifteen up to more graduating this spring. A second class will be forming this September and interested applicants can call Bristol Adult Education at 860-584-7865.

Through the joint effort of area manufacturers, the city of Bristol, the Connecticut Department of Labor, the Main Street Community Foundation, and Adult Education, workforce development funding will again be available to adults and high school seniors in Bristol.

“It’s for anybody that is unemployed or underemployed who can dedicate two and a half days a week for less than three months to jump start their lives,” said Adult Education director Larry Covino at a press conference March 22nd.

The Adult Education Diploma and Certificate (AEDAC) gives people the opportunity to learn a trade in the manufacturing sector where there’s an aging workforce.  Various organizations and the area manufacturers contributed to the funding with a check for about $6,000 toward the approximate $37,000 cost of the program.

The city’s show of collaboration from a widespread group of contributors reflects the community’s desire to help people gain skills to support themselves and be successful. Senator Richard Blumenthal pointed out how a modest investment can do so much good in people’s lives, and said he is planning on telling his Washington, D.C. colleagues about the program.

Students in the programs will learn manufacturing fundamentals, including measuring, blueprint reading, and hands-on training with equipment. Basic work concepts and other essential skills are also taught. A program with Thomaston Savings Bank is training new bank tellers, and a health care program could be added in the future.

Thanks to North American Spring Tool (NAST), a division of Sirois Tool, the graduates will not leave the program empty handed. NAST has agreed to pay half the cost of each graduate’s toolbox and tools that they will receive at the end of the program.

As a member of three longstanding organizations, NESMA (New England Spring and Metalstamping Association), SMI (Spring Manufacturer’s Institute), and WCSMA (West Coast Spring Manufacturer’s Association), NAST actively supports the spring industry and its operations.

NAST provides a complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry, including special and duplicate tooling, carbide applications, engineering assistance, and salvage/rework. A world leader in tooling for the spring and wire industry, NAST gives its guarantee on all workmanship and quality assurance.

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