New Tacomp Stub Improves Processes in Harsh Manufacturing Environments

Some manufacturers have harsh work environments where vital tools and measuring equipment are exposed to varying levels of contaminants, such as dirt, oil, water, dust and metal chips. Despite these harsh settings, precision and accuracy are still critical to ensuring proper assembly and function of the product being fabricated. While the Dow line of dial indicator comparator gages is designed for use at the machine on the factory floor, consideration must be given to the tolerance on the dimension being checked, and the effect of these contaminants on checking within this tolerance.

Recently, one of our customers approached us to help them solve a problem. This firearms manufacturer discovered that oil used in a barrel chambering operation was contaminating the dial indicators resulting in their failure to function. In addition, because the oil made everything slippery, the operators were constantly dropping the gages.

In response to our customer’s challenge, Dow Gage searched for an effective and efficient solution. We are pleased to announce that we now fabricate a Tacomp Stub (hand held gage body), designed specifically to accept the Starrett 2900 series electronic digital indicator, with an IP-67 rating. This rating provides notable water and oil resistance, and proves very suitable under harsh environmental conditions. The Tacomp Stub gage can also be equipped with an optional durable protective Delrin® shroud, to provide a better grip on an oil soaked gage, and added protection to the indicator should the operator drop the gage.

Contact us if you find you have a similar challenge or need a solution to your gage problem.

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