New WEDM Technology Means the Best Machining Solutions for Our Customers

The new AgieCharmilles Cut P 350 integrates IoT technology for the tightest tolerances.

On July 1, Sirois added an AgieCharmilles Cut P 350 to our WEDM machining capabilities. This equipment is at the forefront of Internet of Things technology because it utilizes SMART consumables (wire and filter consumables with integrated RFID chips) for efficiency-boosting benefits like recognizing the wire or filter just installed. The risk of error is eliminated, and consumables are more quickly replaced increasing machine availability and avoiding unnecessary breakdowns when wire or filter is finished.

One of the biggest benefits for our customers is that this machine will hold even tighter tolerances. We can also use smaller wire sizes for the most intricate features, and it will cut up to 20 percent faster while consuming less wire.

This machine is replacing our oldest AgieCharmilles 240 CC.

We also moved our AgieCharmilles FORM P 350 EDM, which we purchased earlier this year, into our EDM/WEDM department, for maximized productivity and capacity.

Our EDM/WEDM department now includes all the following:

  • AgieCharmilles Cut P 350
  • Three AgieCharmilles Robocut 240 CC Wire EDMs
  • AgieCharmilles Form P 350
  • Mitsubishi EA12V
  • AgieCharmilles Roboform 20
  • Along with two Hole Poppers and other support equipment

We are proud to stay on the cutting edge of WEDM / EDM machining technology at Sirois. We’re committed to upgrading our capabilities and our capacity as needed to make sure our customers always have access to the best machining solutions available.