New ZEISS CMM Speeds Inspection

Sirois Tool has added a new ZEISS CONTURA Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with a VAST XXT probe head to its powerful lineup of inspection tools.

The ZEISS CONTURA is the first coordinate measuring machine in its class capable of being quickly and easily equipped with tactile or optical probes. Inspection operations that previously required two machines and multiple setups can now be performed using a wide selection of ZEISS sensors on a single CMM with one setup.

Unlike traditional CMM probes, the VAST XXT probe head can swivel laterally to allow tactile measurements in historically hard-to-reach areas, such as diagonally bored holes. The indexing passive scanning sensor can precisely record a part’s contoured dimensions much faster than traditional methods.

“The ZEISS CONTURA with VAST XXT probe head allows us to check parts completely in one setup because the probe head can index,” Sirois Tool President Andre Nadeau said.

The new ZEISS also has a nine-station stylus tool change rack to allow operators to create and store a variety of stylus shapes, styles, and sizes. The machine’s CALYPSO software interface is capable of importing part models, which expedites inspection programming. This also improves the accuracy of the inspection and allows the CMM programmer to view the probe’s tool path.

“This machine will save time and operating costs while producing reliable, precise measurements. In addition, we’ll be able to provide our customers with a full CMM inspection report of most – if not all – features on the part drawing, as well as provide important in-process inspection data to our tool makers,” Nadeau said. “Adding the ZEISS to our capabilities is just one example of how we’re always looking for new ways to streamline operations and provide value to our customers.”