Precision Isn’t Just Part of the Job at Sirois Tool

Whether it’s delivering for customers or pursuing a high-tech hobby, our people are committed to precision

At Sirois Tool, we understand that precision is key when it comes to parts. In applications like aerospace, firearms, or medical equipment, there is simply no room for error. That’s why we have an unmatched commitment to precision tooling.

Our people deliver on this commitment because it isn’t just their job. It’s their passion! Our Production Manager, Scott Horton, restores motorcycles as a hobby and our President, Alan Ortner, actually built an airplane. They’ve experienced up-close the importance of exact standards in parts, and they are passionate about delivering the same to our customers.

They are just two examples of the kinds of folks you’ll find at Sirois Tool—professionals who understand the importance of meticulous measurement and quality materials. Exact tooling and gages creates precision parts, and that makes the difference.

One of the keys to our success is the fact that we can deliver high quality, low volume orders with short lead times. At Sirois Tool, nearly all operations are in-house, ensuring quality control as well as convenience for our customers.

We consistently invest in the people and equipment required to deliver precision tooling, gages, parts and assemblies. Our commitment to quality shows in everything we do, and we employ some of the finest, most passionate people in the industry. That is the Sirois Tool difference! Contact us today and find out what kind of difference our people will make for you.

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