Showing Appreciation for Your Employees is Key

At Sirois Tool, we truly believe that our employees are critical to the success of the company. Without them, nothing happens! Therefore we try our best to make them feel appreciated. One way we do this is with our benefits package.

Not only do we offer competitive salaries, but our complete benefits package is one of the best available. To start, we have a free medical, vision and dental plan. This is highly unusual in this day in age. From there, we also offer a 401k, with a company match and profit sharing. Finally, we provide tuition reimbursement.

In addition to salary and benefits, we realize that our employees also need a career path and job fulfillment. It is imperative that we provide this especially to people who are just starting out. Therefore, another way to show our appreciation is through praise for individual accomplishments.

This was demonstrated last week when we had a celebration for one of our apprentices. Kyle completed his Apprenticeship hours in February. The Connecticut State DOL issued him a Certificate of Completion, which we presented to him. To further celebrate his accomplishment, we gave him a Gerstner Tool Box.

Kyle graduated from the Manufacturing Technology Program at Vinal Tech in Middletown. He came to Sirois Tool because we were willing to put him into a state approved Apprenticeship program. We will continue to participate in this program in the future, especially if they can introduce us to students like Kyle.

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