Sirois is Streamlining Project Communications with a Great New Tool

Paperless Parts gives customers hands-on input for their critical product data.

We recently implemented a new communication system at Sirois Tool that is enhancing our ability to deliver worry-free service to our customers. In the past, the quoting process was longer than we wanted it to be, and we needed to streamline things to reduce confusion throughout the process.
The tool we chose is called “Paperless Parts,” which fosters communication between customers and our production facility, including everyone from the shop floor to the front office. Everyone is now aligned around a single source of information that securely captures all project data and customer input.

Prior to Paperless Parts, project details could potentially get muddled as our production team went back and forth between customers and company engineers who generated quotes. There was potential for critical information to be confused or even lost because of multiple follow-up conversations or long email chains.

Further downstream on the shop floor, production engineers would have to track down solid models before they could program machines. This meant, time that could have been spent working on customer projects was being wasted searching for information that should have been readily available. This simply did not meet the high standards of performance we’ve set for ourselves.

Paperless Parts has been a great solution! Here are just a few of the benefits our customers and employees are enjoying:

  • We’ve greatly improved customer communication and can deliver a better customer experience, because customers are now able to place orders directly and choose the parts, quantities, and lead times that best suit their needs, right from the Paperless Parts interface.
  • We can now turn around quotes much faster, which in some cases is less than 24 hours.
  • Our sales team, customer managers, and production engineers are saving significant time because they don’t have to wait for emails for data or files, and they no longer need to track down missing information across the organization.
  • All quote and order data is stored in one ITAR-compliant, cloud-based platform and is accessible to anyone throughout the organization at any time.
  • Paperless Parts integrates seamlessly with our ERP platform, E2, cutting the amount of time spent on data entry by half.

For more detail on the implementation, see the Paperless Parts Case Study. We invite you to contact Sirois Tool and allow us to quote your next precision tooling project. You’ll see how Paperless Parts helps us deliver fast, seamless service via this easy-to-use communication channel.