Sirois Tool Focuses on Retention to Help Exceed Their Customers’ Needs

At the Manufacturing Workforce Development & Education event last week, one “expert” said that employees will inevitably leave smaller manufacturing companies in order to work for larger companies…that it’s just a reality they’ll have to live with. We respectfully disagree.

The focus of the event was on finding the right workers. There was a panel discussion with several manufacturers and educators discussing the challenge. While the educators focused on training programs, the manufacturers talked about retention. They realize that in this competitive environment, it takes more than a paycheck to keep their employees satisfied.

At Sirois Tool, we’re well aware of the challenge of retaining employees. This is why we provide exceptional benefits in addition to competitive pay. This was highlighted is a recent article in the New Britain Herald. The article called, Great benefits help Berlin’s Sirois Tool retain employees, talks about the insurance programs offered to all of our employees and their families including medical, dental, life and disability.

But retention is about more than money and benefits. It’s about creating an environment where people look forward to coming to work each day. That is what we strive to provide our employees. We understand that this philosophy creates happier employees who stay with the company.

This also translates to customer satisfaction. Our employees are dedicated to quality and delivery, two of the most critical aspects of our business. Because they know that we care about their well-being and have provided the benefits needed, they always go the extra mile to ensure the customer is taken care of as well.

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