Sirois Tool Responds to the Growth of Machine Manufacturers

Sirois Tool Responds to the Growth of Machine Manufacturers

In general, manufacturing in the US has picked up in the last two years. In the case of equipment manufacturing, the growth is even more pronounced. According to a US Market Research Report on Industrial Machinery & Equipment, there will be higher demand for industrial machinery and equipment over the next five years.

To keep up with this demand and stay competitive, there are several areas Machine Manufacturers will need to concentrate on including…

  1. Provide consistent quality and delivery across all markets
  2. Manage the challenge of finding qualified workers
  3. Focus on operational optimization to increase efficiency
  4. Manage the workload while continuing to innovate for the future

With so much to focus on, many machine and industrial equipment manufacturers are looking to partner with companies who can assist them. While innovation, quality and delivery management are often handled in-house, an outside partner can make up for an unfilled position and/or assist with increasing efficiencies.

These partnerships can enable machine manufacturers to work outside their realm of expertise. In some cases, partnerships enable manufacturers to complete tasks that they have never done in-house or no longer have the capacity to keep up with production. In other cases, manufacturers benefit because they no longer have staff able to perform certain operations.

As their machine manufacturing clients continue to grow, Sirois Tool has been able to help them keep up with the demand. They specialize in complex, precision parts, assemblies and prototypes for low volume and custom machine manufacturers. Assemblies are produced for small volume orders of 1 to 1,000 pieces.

To handle the growth in low volume precision CNC machining Sirois Tool recently purchased 3 new HAAS CNC machines. This purchase includes a 5-Axis machining center which allows them to manufacture more complex components. The addition of these machines enables Sirois Tool to better serve the demands of their customers.

In addition to parts and assemblies, Sirois Tool also manufactures tooling, fixtures and gages for their customer to use in their own manufacturing operations. Sirois Tool continues to invest in people and equipment to become the equipment manufacturers’ partner for tooling, fixtures and gages as well as precision machined parts and assemblies.

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April 26, 2018

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