Sirois Tool Tracks Customer Feedback

“Thanks for the exceptional service and quality. Andre took me for a tour of the facility and you run a very nice shop. Look forward to another tour when the addition is finished.” Charles Karas, Platt Brothers and Company states. Charles was given an impromptu tour of Sirois Tool, including the expansion currently being constructed, after arriving to pick up a rush part made for Platt Brothers by Sirois Tool

Sirois Tool Co, Inc., in conformance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements, and their own Quality Policy Manual procedures, tracks all feedback received from their Customers. In addition to Charles’ comment above, some examples of the overwhelmingly positive feedback received in the past few weeks are:

Bill, a buyer at a Tier One Automotive Supplier stated “Wanted to thank everyone who jumped through hoops to get the parts out. The original parts had been made to a bad print (our error).” Bill goes on to say “Sirois Tool is a very good vendor for close tolerance / high precision work and good people to work with. We consider Sirois Tool an extension of our tool room. Thanks!”

Rene, an engineer for an R&D company stated “Just wanted you to know the part we just received fit like a glove! Let your guys know… great job!”

The employees at Sirois Tool take pride in this kind of feedback and look forward to earning more of the same from all their customers.

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June 26, 2014

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