Strong Turnout for the ACM Tradeshow in Support of Aerospace Growth

On November 8, 2017 Sirois Tool participated in the annual Aerospace Components Manufacturers (ACM) Trade Show at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. The annual workforce trade show is designed to show young people the benefits of working for a manufacturing company. College representatives also attend to discuss career alternatives that are available outside of a four-year program.

The morning of the event, middle school, high school, college students and their teachers, guidance counselors and parents learned about the careers available in the manufacturing industry. Students had the opportunity to speak with over 100 manufacturing firms and 6 local colleges to explore education, training and careers that exist in the industry and discuss the expectations employers have when hiring new employees.

There is still a serious lack of knowledge out there about manufacturing. The purpose of participating in events like this is to educate kids on the great opportunities manufacturers offer. As manufacturers, it is up to us to rectify the negative connotation that manufacturing is dirty, lacks growth opportunities and does not pay well.
All of these pre-conceptions are inaccurate.

The second half of the day was open for vendors and customers to discuss new business opportunities, check in with existing customers and vendors or just promote their company. The show also hosted guests from other countries who came to see what Aerospace Alley has to offer.

Special thanks to Kyle Sioch and Raymond Strong for their help this year. Kyle is one of our Apprentice Toolmakers. He’s been with Sirois Tool since November 2015 and is a graduate of Vinal Tech in Middletown, CT. Raymond, with Sirois since November 2016, is also an Apprentice Toolmaker and also graduated from Vinal Tech.
The ACM show helps to strengthen the supply chain within the aerospace corridor by promoting collaboration among aerospace manufacturers. Sirois Tool supports the aerospace industry’s second and third tier providers with tooling at a time when tooling skills are a valuable commodity.

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