The Best People and the Best Products: Sixty Incredible Years in Business

During this difficult time, let’s take a moment to celebrate and thank our staff and customers.

Sirois Tool Team in Shirts by Known Supply, a business focused on Ethical and Sustainable fashion.

We’re all living though an unprecedented time of fear and uncertainty—so, in the midst of it, it’s good to take a few moments to celebrate the positive. That’s what we’re doing at Sirois Tool. On Monday, April 27th, we took time to celebrate our company’s 60th anniversary.

We were founded in 1960 by Robert Sirois as a manufacturer of cutting tools. It wasn’t long before the company expanded its capabilities to include precision tooling manufacturing for the bearing industry, including low-volume machine parts and assemblies. We have always prided ourselves on our flexibility and our capacity to change with the demands of the industry, and that’s truer than ever today.

We are building on the Sirois legacy of high-quality products, delivered as promised within the required lead times. Our modern 25,000-square-foot facility houses the most advanced machining technology for Sirois Tool as well as the Dow-Gage product line for precision gage manufacturing. We’ve also added North American Spring Tool’s complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry.

At Sirois Tool, we treat people right—both our customers and our employees know they can count on that. We’ve also always demonstrated a commitment to our community though our fundraisers, food drives, and other community-building events, and we’re trying to expand on that during this crisis. We’ve launched a Lunchtime Challenge, encouraging businesses to support local restaurants by buying takeout lunch for their crews one day a week. Of course, when we celebrated our anniversary, we brought in an amazing lunch from Portofino’s Restaurant in Berlin.

For 60 years, it’s been all about people for Sirois Tool. One of our favorite quotes is from Reid Hoffman, who said, “We believe that when the right talent meets the right opportunity in a company with the right philosophy, amazing transformation can happen.”

Thank you to our employees and our customers for 60 great years!