Tool Maker Shortage Creates New Partnerships

Tool Maker Shortage Creates New Partnerships

Last week we spoke about the need for suppliers to partner to create one-stop solutions for Prime customers. This week we’d like to focus on the need for partnerships due to a shortage in skilled workers, more specifically, tool makers.

If you struggle with the major challenge of finding quality tool makers, you’re like the many manufacturers whose tool rooms are shrinking. What used to be a tool room full of skilled workers, now has only two or three toolmakers handling the emergencies.

The shrinking workforce is endangering America’s manufacturers. Finding a workforce with the right skills and credentials is increasingly difficult. This is the trend we are seeing. Today’s manufacturers face the dilemma of meeting demands in the tool room that are out of reach internally.

Whether you lack tool makers due to the skilled workforce shortage, or you have a change in product offering or sudden business growth, by partnering with each other, we solve the problem with quality tool making. With 50 employees, many of whom are skilled and experienced Tool Makers, Sirois Tool has become an extension of their customers’ tool room.

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February 4, 2015

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