Continued Expansion for Sirois Tool

Planned Expansion and Growth of a Company

As the manufacturing industry in Connecticut (and beyond) continues to grow, so does demand for quality tooling products. Due to the diversification and continuous expansion of the industries we work with, Sirois Tool is growing and able to provide new career opportunities for the right candidates.

Higher demand quality tooling and specialized precision parts and assemblies means that each job requires more detailed documentation, special attention to new and constantly changing inspection requirements, increasingly close tolerances, and enhanced precision–which means we require more highly skilled individuals on the job to make it all happen. Sirois Tool is currently focused on expanding multiple departments to meet growing demand, and we are offering two career-building opportunities to the right applicants to fill the roles of Quality Manager and Tool Maker.

Both the Quality Manager and Tool Maker positions play an integral role in the overall function and success of our company. At Sirois Tool, we provide our customers with exceptional products and services in addition to the assurance that each employee understands how valuable they are to our team. We are passionate about upholding a top-of-the-line workplace where each individual knows they are heard and appreciated, and his or her hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Known for our friendly, clean, air conditioned work environment, Sirois Tool is proud to be a small company with big goals and a cooperative team. We are a family oriented company with modern equipment and facilities. Our modern, 25,000 square foot facility houses the most advanced machining technology for Sirois Tool, as well as the Dow-Gage product line for precision gage manufacturing and North American Spring Tool complete line of carbide and steel tooling for the spring industry. Our employees’ health and safety is our top priority, so we are constantly reevaluating and updating our equipment to meet and exceed industry safety standards.

“I like it here because the people are friendly and helpful, and the place is clean. I went on interviews for a few other smaller companies and they were dirty, you could smell the oil from the parking lot outside, and one place I went to still had employees smoking at their machines. I didn’t want to work for a place like that. The reason I like it here is this company cares about the employees. I came from a large company that didn’t care about the employees to them the employees where just numbers. The benefits here are great too.” Kyle Sioch, Toolmaker Apprentice

Sirois Tool provides each of its employees with a benefits package that is second to none. As a part of our team, you will enjoy fully paid medical, dental, life, short term and long term disability insurance. We also have a profit-sharing pension plan, along with a 401K match. Please click here to learn more about the Tool Maker and Quality Manager positions, and our other exciting career opportunities.

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