Increase Productivity
Eliminate Waste
Conserve Resources

Specialty machine manufacturers have unique challenges and requirements. They must design cost-effective machines that offer superior functionality and performance while also ensuring they meet stringent safety standards and environmental regulations. This isn’t easy, but Sirois Tool can help.

After more than six decades in this industry, we have the expertise you need.

Every component we manufacture and/or assemble are made to your specification to ensure a functioning part of your specialty machines. We can manufacture and assemble all orders with shorter lead times and reduced costs because our advanced inventory system allows us to store similar part families.

This means we can deliver high quality assemblies precisely when you need them.

Let us provide you with a fully integrated machined parts production service so you can conserve your valuable resources while maximizing productivity. Contact Us, upload your drawings vis the form below or call us at (860) 828-5327 today!