Prototypes and Low Volume Precision Parts

Our experience as toolmakers elevates our manufacturing skills to a higher level. We’re exceptionally adept at machining complex precision parts and assemblies, from prototypes to final products.

We have the skills and resources to provide you with individual parts, ready-to-assemble kits, or complete subassemblies. These can be part of a complete supply program, including blanket orders and just-in-time delivery. Our advanced inventory system ensures accurate control of parts on hand, and we can ship them where and when needed.

We’re always looking for ways to minimize the lead time of your parts. Our experience in working with families of similar products allows us to complete these parts up to a certain point, store them in inventory, and finish them to your specified sizes as soon as you need them. Efficiencies like this allow us to reduce lead time while offering you competitive prices.

We can help you prosper as an OEM manufacturer. Contact us today to learn how!

Examples of Parts and Assemblies We’ve Produced