HR Manager Cheryl Huck Represents Sirois Tool at Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

All of us at Sirois are deeply committed to our community here in Berlin. From volunteering to promoting other local businesses, we’re always working to support our town. So we’re happy to report that our Human Resources Manager, Cheryl Huck, has joined the Berlin Advisory Board of the Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce. She’ll not only be advocating for Sirois, but also for workforce development and business development strategies that will benefit our whole town.

Working on behalf of employees was always Cheryl’s career goal, and she’s been doing that for 6 years now with Sirois. “I love working with everyone here, from management to employees to customers and vendors,” she said. “I always want to do everything I can to keep our employees safe and happy with their jobs.”

In her role on the Berlin Advisory Board, Cheryl will have the opportunity to advocate for the business and civic interests of the Berlin community. She’ll be able to represent Sirois at networking opportunities focused both on business-building and recruiting.

“I’m really proud of where I work, and of Berlin as a whole,” she said. “I’ve attended some of the Chamber board meetings, and I’m excited to make a difference!”

Thank you for taking on this additional role, Cheryl! We know you’ll represent us well.