Meeting the High Precision Demands of the Military

Manufacturing tooling, fixtures, and gages to specific requirements takes on new meaning when working with critical components in the defense industry. Parts used in military capacity can be very complex, and they have the most precise specifications possible.

Every component must be made according to strict quality standards and the resulting product must be highly reliable. When you’re manufacturing military equipment, regardless of use (land, air, or sea), there is no room for error.

In addition to satisfying rigid special requirements, there is the challenge of regulatory compliance and filling out the required volumes of paperwork. It’s no secret that government and PRIME work requires a lot of careful documentation and stringent regulations.

To ensure mandatory compliance and quality administration, you need to work with a company who has the proper systems in place. Sirois Tool has experience working with the unique constraints and demands of the military industry. We are familiar with the established standard operating procedure involved in all facets of the defense market.

Reducing lead time is another important factor in the highly technical defense industry. Many of your projects require a precision shop that specializes in high quality, low volume orders with shorter lead times. At Sirois Tool, nearly all operations are in-house, making it a one-stop shop for convenience and delivery.

In an industry that is based on tight tolerances and rigorous documentation, Sirois Tool has the working knowledge and background in providing tooling, fixtures, and gages for military applications. Contact the people who know how to execute advanced, precision-engineered solutions for your military products.

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