Precision Manufacturing Requires Precision Tooling, Fixtures and Gages

The definition of Tooling is as follows…“Working or manufacturing aids such as dies, fixtures, gauges, and jigs of a specialized nature which (unless substantially altered or modified) are limited in use to a specific production line or the perform ance of a specific contract or job.” The challenge for manufacturers arises when tool needs to be substantially altered, modified or produced for the first time.

Precision tooling, fixtures and gages are essential in optimizing manufacturing production, and in producing the highest quality parts. Whether you need individual components to run at the same time or multiple parts to create a single assembly, when manufacturing accuracy and efficiency are required, having precision tooling, fixtures and gages are critical to success, no matter what industry you’re in.

Your tooling, fixture and gage partner must be able to produce the complex, tight-tolerance tools, fixtures and gages called for in your drawings. And it won’t hurt if, based on years of experience, they can offer informed suggestions on materials and design features, especially if their recommendations make the part more accurate, deliver savings and contribute to machine longevity.

Sirois Tool specializes in custom, low-volume Tooling, Fixture and gage manufacture of just one to a few pieces. Their custom gages can be from a simple plug gage to complete gage assemblies. They provide inspection reports with all or selected dimensions certified by an in-house inspection department or by an outside Certified Lab.

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