Protecting the Environment is Just “Neighborly”

If you’ve visited the “About” page of our website, you’ve probably seen our mission statement at the bottom of the screen that reads, “Today, as always, Sirois Tool Co., Inc. continues to strive to be a preferred vendor to all of our customers, a fair and generous employer, and a good neighbor to our community.”

While the first two objectives are self-explanatory, being a “good neighbor to our community” is somewhat subjective, depending on who you are and where you live.

What constitutes being a good neighbor? For some, it means not hosting obnoxiously loud parties after 10 pm, or blocking the neighbor’s driveway. For us, it means a bit more.

Being a good neighbor means supporting our community’s charitable efforts. If you read our blogs, you know we routinely do this.

Being a good neighbor to our community also means taking care of the environment we all share. Here are some of the ways we accomplish this:

Sirois Tool recycles all waste to the greatest extent possible. We have a designated waste area with separate dumpsters where we segregate all recyclables (paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.) for pickup.

Environmentally Friendly Coolant
We only use recyclable water-soluble coolant in our machines.

We don’t store anything outside that could potentially contaminate or otherwise threaten the environment.

Energy Efficient Facility
Our building was designed with the environment in mind. Since its construction in 1999, we’ve upgraded the HVAC systems, compressors, and lighting to ensure optimum energy efficiency. We’re committed to ensuring all future upgrades will be implemented with the most environmentally friendly options available.

We’re proud to share the environmental initiatives we’ve taken to be a good neighbor to our community.