Strength In Numbers with CTMA and NTMA

Staying competitive and profitable in today’s tooling and machining industry is a challenging job. With the support of both the CTMA (Connecticut Tooling and Machining Association) and the NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association), it’s a job you won’t have to do alone.

As a member of both organizations, Sirois Tool is committed to meeting the challenges with all the resources that are available. On a local, regional, and national level, tooling and machining companies benefit from joining forces as members to receive a wide range of support services.

Participation in these organizations is equally important as membership. Alan is a member of the NTMA Budget and Finance Team and will be the Team Leader for 2016 & 2017. Andre is a CTMA Board Member.

The CTMA was a founding chapter of the NTMA, which was formed with a focus on workforce development and government relations. The organizations continue to work with the local, state and federal governments to represent the tooling and machining industry, keeping its members up to date on key legislation and influencing policy makers with their united and combined strength.

A key benefit to CTMA and NTMA is member networking. Sirois Tool understands the value of partnering with industry members and has placed an ad in NTMA’s national member directory. Through ongoing education and training, discount programs, and market research, members are able to discover new opportunities and improve operations. Through sharing best practices and critical information, Sirois Tool continues to benefit from the many association services.

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